Hi all. 

I have a question: does anyone have a good example of calculating a thermal bridge up against another building? Meaning for a partywall or connection between one building and a neighbor? 

I am confused about exactly how to do that calculation - with my current method I seem to get a very different Psi-Value depending on if I assume the neighbor's wall is just bare brick or an insualted wall? It seems to me that shouldn't factor into this calculation, should it? (or rather.... should get factored out somehow)

Plan view up against a neighbor's wall. Exterior on right, Interior on left and top. If I assume the Neighbors wall is uninsulated (which might be true?):

Or if I model their wall insulated (which might also be true - who knows, its not our building...?):

seems I might be doing this wrong if I'm getting different results like that? Is there a known protocol for details of this sort that we should be following?

Any thoughts or examples would be much appreciated!

thanks very much,