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Windows & Doors
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Tim Eian
CPHD at TE Studio and Climate Action Activist

Not if you use climate zone-appropriate window frames and glazing and shade properly.

Ben Freed
CEO Mavrik European Windows

Glass on the south side is usually a net positive as far as energy use. You gain more heat than you lose. On the west and east side you have to be careful about over heating. Exterior shading can help... (More)

Adrian Dymarczyk
Principal at Ikon windows

Hey Nicole,

Do you have a preference in the material used? We can rather easily achieve the values and airtightness in upvc, aluminum and wood-clad it would really depend on the budget. I would recommend trying out the uPVC doors... (More)

Hi Nicole,

I have successfully used Kawneer 451T doors On affordable MF passive house projects. They’re thermally broken and have a decent u-value. They also meet ADA and egress requirements, which is often the difficult part of finding a PH... (More)