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The Minotair and CERV2 are the only north American all-in-one residential HVAC units I know of. Given the cold climate of Vermont and the 1800 sq ft (plus a basement or including basement?) size of the house I don't think... (More)

Tim Eian
CPHD at TE Studio and Climate Action Activist

Hi Scott,

We have been doing low CFM recirculating hoods for grease and odor filtration, so I will expand on that subject here but touch on other options as well.

Ideally, the ventilation of the Passive House kitchen (and home)... (More)

Prudence Ferreira
Passive House Practice Lead - Morrison Hershfield

Frank- Vive la difference!

Depending on location this issue of testing methods and modeling of ventilators for PH certification can be a pretty big deal for clients when it comes to supply chain and the desire to avoid sole sourcing.... (More)