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Passive House Basics
Passive House Basics
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Ed May
Partner, Building-Type LLC

Hi Katherine,

Thats a good question - while I certainly wouldn't recommend it, I do understand that fireplaces are really important to a lot of homeowners. So yes: we can and do build fireplaces into our Passive House projects. There... (More)

One tip for the exam is that it is an open book exam--but you don't have the time to look anything up, so you need to be comfortable you know it all. If you are not sure you have it... (More)

Mariana Pickering
Co-Founder of Emu | Passive House Training, Services, Systems

Take them into one! That's the easiest way, because they can feel the difference. Buildings are for people, and we are all kind of accustomed to being in crappy buildings. Once you point that out, it's difficult to un-know it... (More)

One point is optimization of materials, which for developers might be emphasized more. With the method you develop a plan to eventually construct a very comfortable house using only the amount of materials needed, and provide not only an energy... (More)