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Ed May
Partner, Building-Type LLC

Hi Jason,

I wouldn't rely on your denspack cellulose on its own to provide airtightness to the Passive House levels. While it's certainly true that denspack cellulose will help your airtightness overall, that kind of insulation should always be coupled... (More)

Devon Basher
Director of Eco Energy Options, NJ, USA

Hi Justin,

Hope you are well! Maybe this one is in the books. My thinking with a flat/low slope roof as described (and many assemblies with no or low outward drying capacity and hygroscopic inboard insulation) is that a taped... (More)

Ed May
Partner, Building-Type LLC

Hi Darrow,

I haven't had a chance to use it yet on any projects but certainly looks like a nice option! I think it could work just fine for a Passive House project as a replacement for any other batt... (More)

I can't provide much concrete info, but in terms of a case-study, I'd recommend taking a look through the Passive House Canada - Conference 2019 sessions20. I don't remember which session it was, but one of the speakers in... (More)