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Adam Cohen
Regenerative Explorer

Mineral wool is an excellent exterior insulator. Like any product in the building assembly, it must be used correctly and should be detailed to avoid bulk water leakage. It does have considerable embodied energy, but not much different then many... (More)

We use both in our projects depending on the situation.

The cellulose is nice cus' its healthy for the installers, low embodied-carbon (recycled paper) and easy to install well as either denspack or loose-fill (attics). The down side is it... (More)

Mariana Pickering
Co-Founder of Emu | Passive House Training, Services, Systems

Hey Greg. We use reliable data from Fraunhofer19 to address this in our CPHT class. I'll attach the graph here specifically for mineral wool. Part of our field data gathering with our Pilot Program23 is to get a better idea... (More)