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How has COVID-19 impacted you?

How is everyone feeling and how has the adoption to remote working been? How are your families? It would be great to share our experiences as the next several weeks continue to unfold. We are separated but not alone.

Hi Soheil,

When it comes to on-boarding the contractors. We find that those contractors willing to engage in a true "open-book" manner have the highest value in the selection process. Given an optimized design and support team, the drawings, specifications,... (More)

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Is Passivhaus better in pandemics? Looking for more ideas on this subject

I recently had a look at the question of whether Passivhaus was helpful in coping with COVID-19, speaking to a few architects and engineers, and found that the ventilation system that doesn't recirculate is a very good thing, but most... (More)


You have to build an energy model in order to be able to justify your design decisions. Do you need 1", 2", 4" of sub slab insulation? How high performing do your windows need to be? The only way to... (More)