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Education & Training
Education & Training
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Education & Training
Mariana Pickering
Co-Founder of Emu | Passive House Training, Services, Systems

Free "mini-course" on selling Passive House

Hey everyone! Thanks to an NAPHN Live presentation I was asked to do, I was able to make a little "mini-course" on how to communicate the value of Passive House. If you're interested - it's free to enroll. Disclaimer: I... (More)

Anton Dobrevski
Co-Founder Passive House School

Hi Stuart, It's great that you are interested in becoming a Passive House professional. The best way forward for you would be to follow a Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant (CPHD/C) course. Regarding the accreditations and the difference between becoming a... (More)

Hi Stuart, For foundational knowledge that sets you up to go deeper and deeper, the CPHD course is the best. It says "designer" but it's also for consultants and is meant for people who "plan" buildings - architects and engineers... (More)

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Education & Training
Joe Dakin
Structure Monitoring Technology
SMT is hosting a free education session for Architects on how and why they should be monitoring Mass Timber buildings. If you'd like to attend, follow this link: