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Devon Basher
Director of Eco Energy Options, NJ, USA

Hi Justin,

Hope you are well! Maybe this one is in the books. My thinking with a flat/low slope roof as described (and many assemblies with no or low outward drying capacity and hygroscopic inboard insulation) is that a taped... (More)

Ed May
Partner, Building-Type LLC

Hey Justin,

If you are using air-permeable insulation like cellulose I think you'd want to comply with the IBC's 1202.3.5.139 in that case, right?:

Insulation shall be located in accordance with the following:
5.1: Item 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3 or 5.1.4... (More)

I agree with Ed May‘s response. Section 5.1.2 applies to your scenario. However, I think you are also asking about the assembly order, to IRMA or not to IRMA, and who installs the XPS?

My opinion is that the XPS... (More)