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Vlad Pezel
Principal, eMod Studio
Asked a question last year

These are my refrigerant pipes insulation after almost 8 years. Ripe for replacement. Anyone knows a better pipe insulation material?

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  1. Foil Tape and/or Spiral Radiant Barrier Wrap--Verify UV-Resistance with Manufacturer:  First verify the product(s) are adequately UV-resistant for exterior use! E.g., Spiral Wrap product website example:
  2. Remove degraded, pipe insulation. 
  3. Install one of the following insulation options: 
Radiant Barrier Pipe Wrap (bubble-wrap core)
Radiant Barrier Pipe Wrap (bubble-wrap core)
Foil Tape
Foil Tape
  1. (Option 1) Install new polyethylene pipe insulation (tubes). 
  2. (Option 2) Install UV-resistant Spiral Radiant Barrier Wrap (e.g.,–-Spiral-Pipe-Wrap-Submittal-Rev-0618.pdf117
  3. Wrap assembly with UV-resistant, foil tape. 

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