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Darrow Center
Mechanical Engineer
Asked a question 7 days ago

Sheep wool insulation, have people seen it used in Passive House projects? Advantages/disadvantages?

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Ed May
Partner, Building-Type LLC

Hi Darrow, 

I haven't had a chance to use it yet on any projects but certainly looks like a nice option! I think it could work just fine for a Passive House project as a replacement for any other batt insulation (fiberglass, mineral wool). Of course, you'll have to be diligent about install - as with any batt, it's all about how well the installers do it and how thorough and diligent they are. It's a bit easier with batts to leave voids of over-compress the product than with a blown-in product (like cellulose, fiberglass, etc..) but there isn't any inherent reason it can't be done well. The nice part about batt insulation is it gives you a lot more flexibility in the scheduling/phasing of the work though. So pluses and minuses of course.