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ISO contractor in/near Bronx NY to install heat pump water heater in a 2 family home - any recommendations? My gas hot water heater failed last night, and in 24 hours I was not able to find a contractor who was willing to replace it with a heat pump water heater…including 2 contractors on the NYS Clean Heat contractor list. The 2 issues across the board were lack of familiarity with the technology or inability to get a product to my house within 48 hours. This includes contractors I was referred to via Home Depot, Lowe’s, and the Rheem website. Even when I offered to supply the new HPWH tank myself (after seeing that a couple are available at the local HD), 2 contractors balked because they don’t install customer-supplied products. This is for a 2 family home in the Bronx. With a recently upsized electrical panel and a basement boiler room that’s well configured for a HPWH. Because I am stubborn, I managed a temporary solution that will keep us going with our current tank for another 6 months, maybe more. Hopefully that will be enough time to get this sorted.

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