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I am trying to obtain a climate data set to be used in PHPP for a new project near Sisters, Oregon. Can anyone tell me where / how I can obtain (purchase) this? In the past I have purchased through PHIUS but they no longer work with PHPP. I have reached out to a few resources with no luck yet. Not intending to certify this project but I do want to model accurately.

Where am I?

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Hi Jeff - if you are a member of iPHA, there is a place in Passipedia where they generate climate data automatically for you.  It's not perfect, and the data will be in metric, but it's a great starting point.  The link is below:

If you do wish to buy a climate data set for PHPP, you can contact PHI directly and they'll do it for you.  We did it for a project in Michigan, and it was about 380 Euro.