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Passive House Basics
Asked a question 2 years ago

How much time did it take to study and pass the Passive House consultant exam? Was it difficult? Any tips for the first-timer?

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Dylan Ingui
High School Student - Passive House Enthusiast

I am not sure about everyone else, but as for studying, every weekend starting from maybe a month before the test I would spend an hour or two going over certain topics, and the week of the test I took off for 2 days just to do some last minute studying. One thing I would recommend is to start studying early just because it's a hard test.

Yes it's VERY difficult, to be honest, if you study in advance and just understand what your strong suits and weak points are you should be fine.  My teachers, @Ed May36  and John Mitchell, also made a huge difference.

One tip for the exam is that it is an open book exam--but you don't have the time to look anything up, so you need to be comfortable you know it all. If you are not sure you have it all in your head at the end of the course (as I did) you could wait 6/12 months for the next exam to come around...this will give you a chance to play around with the PHPP and go over everything at a leisurely pace. If you haven't done an exam for a years, then it is good to practice your exam technique...time yourself ...practice the drawing question that I think is always set so it is nice and neat etc.