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Dylan Ingui
High School Student - Passive House Enthusiast
Asked a question last year

Hey guys!!! I recently started my college search and would love to hear anyone’s recommendation(s) for architecture/engineering with sustainability in mind. Thanks :)

Where am I?

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As long as your chosen school has architectural or engineering degrees you can always start a new chapter of the U.S. Green Building Club. Colleges often have funds for educational clubs and will assign a professors to help guide you Through competitions.  At least that’s how it worked at the University of Connecticut.  (Plus it looks good on the resume)

Dear Dylan,

Architecture / engineering / and sustainability overlap in the world of geopolymers. Really interesting work in this field is being done by the Universidad Catolica San Pablo, Arequipa, Peru, and the Institut Geopolymere, Saint-Quentin - France. 

Possibly too far from NYC for you at the moment, but have a look at this YouTube video and stash the information aside for future reference:

Best wishes!

Barbara in Oz