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Jose Sosa Rueda, CPHC
Architect, CPHC
Asked a question last year

Hey Everyone! Have you used Revit in any capacity, to produce preliminary energy model, or thermal bridge analysis?

Where am I?

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Years ago I looked into the Revit energy modeling that comes with the basic version.  It's not there and can't give you any of the feed back that you want.  Its best to use a plug-in or to export your model to another program dedicated to energy modeling.  I'm not enough familiar with the various programs to recommend one.  I also understand that there is now a plug in to export your model to PHPP.

Brett Seriani
Passivhaus Designer | Structural Engineer

I've looked at it, but it is too difficult to get all the correct data into Revit in order to obtain anything reasonable as a result. Better to model it in Revit, export to Sketchup to use Design2PH for the PHPP modelling.