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Asked a question 11 months ago

Hello, Karl Goetze from Vermont here. I work for VT Energy Investment Corp and Efficiency VT and manage a team of technical staff who provide technical consulting and financial incentives to affordable housing developers, design engineers, building owners, contractors and associated professionals. High efficiency and low carbon are the goals. Looking forward to PHA.

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Hello Karl.  Happy to help you get affordable and smart DC infrastructure into your projects for lighting and more.  The discussions today on the Happy Hour mentioned IAQ sensing which is a new app we're adding to the platform this Summer.   [email protected]14

Hi Karl, Nice to meet you. We manufacture Passive House windows and doors in Ramsey, NJ. We have several project up your way and we work on affordable housing in NYC. Shoot me any email and I would be really interested to see how we can support your program. [email protected]14

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