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Hello, I would like to invite you to 2 virtual events that our office planned, the topic is modern heritage retrofits and both will include the Passive House Retrofit of Marcel Breuer’s Pirelli Building. Lois Arena and Bruce Becker will both be speaking along with others : The first event is an AIA NY panel discussion this Friday at noon. It is a joint event between the Historic Buildings Committee and the Committee on the Environment. The event is called “How Low Can We Go: Historic Preservation and Carbon Reduction” The second event is a 3 day workshop before the annual conference of the Association for Preservation Technology. The session on modern heritage retrofits is part of Workshop 3, Day 2 (Thursday October 2nd). Ed May will also be speaking about calculating energy transfer in building assemblies with Therm and how local power production can effect the design world. After you go to the link below, look for Workshop 3, Day 2 and it will list the times and presentations: Jane Sanders, Director of Sustainability at Scott Henson Architect

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