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nicole burger
CPHC PHIUS+Verifier HERS Rater
Asked a question 2 years ago

Good morning. I am in need of PH exterior doors for a multifamily affordable project in Connecticut- Climate zone 5 consisting of 11 buildings with varying orientations. The front entrance door is opaque while the back facade door at the moment is fully glazed, this can be modified to half glazing if need be. Who has had success finding doors that are affordable, air tight and thermally broken? Any specs and manufacturer information would be greatly appreciated. Best Nicole

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David Salamon
Architect, CPHC - CPHD

Hi Nicole,

I have successfully used Kawneer 451T doors On affordable MF passive house projects. They’re thermally broken and have a decent u-value. They also meet ADA and egress requirements,  which is often the difficult part of finding a PH door. You do have to beef up the weatherstripping to make sure they seal well. Good luck and please follow up  by posting about whatever solution you decide to go with!

Adrian Dymarczyk
Principal at Ikon windows

Hey Nicole,

Do you have a preference in the material used? We can rather easily achieve the values and airtightness in upvc, aluminum and wood-clad it would really depend on the budget. I would recommend trying out the uPVC doors first as they are the best bang for your buck. 

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