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Beyond Passive House
Zachary SemkeModerator
Director, Passive House Accelerator
Asked a question 2 years ago

Given that the climate is changing, it makes sense to design our Passive House buildings for the climate that is projected for 2070. But was is that climate? IPCC has various scenarios...the worst-case is often called "business as usual": RCP8.5. But is that what we should be assuming?

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Hey Zachary, good question. Assuming that PH is the standard of energy efficiency for this present time.

Why build for the far off future if no incentive drives it. I work within a community that monthly house hold expenses are a daily concern. Regular seasonal building maintenance is way down on the have to do list. This creates a unfortunate circle of need. Dry and tight helps keeping run times short but not having to tear down and rebuild has greater long term returns. Economic, social, environmental etc.