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Justin Robert Milliet Rodrigues Taylor
Project Manager, CPHD, LEED GA
Asked a question 5 months ago

For the detail shown here, I'm following the ISO 10211 'Option B' method, but I'm getting some weird results. The top Psi value is coming out as 0.00667 W/m K, while the bottom psi value is -2.2455 W/m K. That bottom one is the one that sounds quite off to me, specially when I compare the heat flux view of the total detail versus the 'soil only' detail. I am using THERM via Grasshopper/Honeybee to come up with this, and I've already tried running the models in THERM alone but I'm still getting the same results. The basic math here is the following: Psi total = Total detail heat flow - Soil detail heat flow - Upper wall heat flow - Lower exposed wall heat flow Then... Psi Lower detail = Detail at soil only heat flow - Soil detail heat flow Psi Upper detail = Psi total - Psi Lower Detail I'm getting similar issues in other #thermalbridge analysis in contact with the ground, so I'm wondering if I'm running the 'ground only' model incorrectly. I'm currently just using the U-values of the walls straight from PHPP in order to determine the 'film coefficient' of the interior detail. Would very much appreciate any feedback!

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