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Thermal Bridging
Eli Honig
Architecture Student
Asked a question 2 years ago

Are there any good resources available for learning Thermal Bridge modeling and incorporating it into our design practice?

Where am I?

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Ed May
Partner, Building-Type LLC

Hmm... yeah that is a hard one. There are really very few resources available at the movement, and the ones that do exist are almost all for a European audience, so if you are in North America and aren't comfortable working in degrees-C or Meters it can be hard to find good guidebooks or tutorials for sure. 

I think that the main resources you'd want are the ISO documents governing thermal bridge calculations such as:

Beyond that, there are some other resources from various folks such as:

Those are all probably really useful to have, but won't help you much with the actual nuts and bolts of doing the calculations yourself though. You could try Peter Warms classes ( though again, its all in metric.

If you are in NYC or therabouts we do pretty regular after-work classes here through the AIA-COTE, New York Passive House and other groups - the best place to look for those is the Urban Green Calendar I think. Hopefully we'll be doing more of those in 2020.




Prudence Ferreira
Passive House Practice Lead - Morrison Hershfield



I will be teaching a half-day thermal bridge modeling course in June through PHIUS. All are welcome. It will be around June 22. I should know the exact date next week. It is in both IP and SI units and geared towards architects, envelope consultants and CPHC/CPHD's.