I am the founder of a non profit where we plan to have an eco friendly construction, i did research into SIPs and it seems to be the best option. The hostel will be 2 floors and i wanted to use panels for the roof/ floor.

This site mentioned: Acoustics: SIPs insulate against high frequency noise better than low frequency noise. SIPs are not recommended to use as floors over an open interior space without the application of a sound barrier.

Which type of barrier would be best or is another roof/floor material recommended? The animal rescue area will be on the other side of the property about 20 meters away, will the SIPs work well for barking noise? We plan to have clerestory windows in the hostel rooms along with ceiling fans and ductless ACs.

Some of the windows will be able to be opened and closed. The location of the hostel will be in Rosarito, MX which is near San Diego. The panel manufacturer locally uses portland cement as the plates. Would that be fine for earthquakes?