Hi PH experts!

I am wondering if anyone has experience with VEKA (Spain) Softline 82 PH Certified windows? I know that these windows are perhaps not frequently used here in the US, but we have hit a wall.

Namely, my client has used them on his Passivhaus project in Europe and we are having a really hard time getting the CAD files from them for TB calculations.

Window modules are a combination of fixed and operable, so I really need CAD files to calculate Uf for mullion combinations and Psi-installs. Also there is no data for the fixed window units anywhere. Only the SL82 operable is PH certified.

VEKA Spain has been unresponsive and VEKA Germany has refused to share citing that only an architect or a distributor can get them. Neither are responsive. 

I really don't understand how a window manufacturer like VEKA wants to expand their business into PH when they are so cagey about providing necessary data for PH certification?

Anybody has similar experience or ideas?