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Paul commented a month ago
What's On Your Mind?
Paul Panassow
Project Coordinator, CPHC
Hi, I'm Paul. I'm a new CPHC as of July 2021 (also just earned my B.Arch in May 2021) Currently working at an Architecture firm in the Philadelphia area and am looking for tips on how to spur adoption of... (More)
Ace commented a month ago
What's On Your Mind?
Ace M
Animal Rescue Non Profit Founder
I am the founder of a cross border eco friendly hostel, animal rescue and community garden project in Rosarito Mexico near San Diego
Mariana liked a month ago
What's On Your Mind?
Hello! Name is Gabriel, located in central MN, working in healthcare and interested in passive house modelling. (among other things). Excited about learning from others.
Shaun commented 2 months ago
What's On Your Mind?
Rory Kennon
ACIAT, PHI Consultant & Domestic SAP Assessor
Hi everyone.

I am newly qualified PHI Consultant in South West Scotland. I joined the PHA forums after listening to the podcast and glad to have found a place where ideas and advice can be shared.